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Attorney Referral Service

Take 5, Inc. Attorney Referral Network can refer you to an appropriate Lawyer qualified to handle your PATENT matter.

In concert with offering the Provisional Patent Video Course I have an opportunity to meet many qualified registered patent agents. As such, I can, if you wish, locate an EXPERT in the field of your inventive idea to draft your non-provisional patent application. My service focuses on Patent Issues.

Frequently, the prices I can get you are substantially less than those you might find. Particularly, if you utilize the elements disclosed in the Provisional Patent Video course as these elements make the work-load for the lawyer less than if you did not fully disclose your inventive idea, draft a complete specification, indicate your preferred embodiement and write up a great enabling disclosure.

Additionally, to keep costs down I will interface with the attorney and assist in completing some elements to take a bit of the work load to further keep costs down.

Give me a call and we can discuss how we can get your non-provisional patent filed quickly.

Dave Korpi


Your calls are confidential and I am happy to sign an NDA.