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How to buy a website name in 2 easy steps...

Step 1: Buy a website name. I show you how to do this through GoDaddy, this is like paying for a post office box number in a city. You have to "rent" the website name every year. The cost is less than $9.00/year and frequently goes down over time.

Step 2: You will need to pay someone to "Host" your website. The place you choose needs to be able to support many critical elements. The one I strongly suggest (because they allow Wordpress Blogs and support PHP and more is HostGator..) They charge MONTHLY and this charge is less than $9.00/month and you have UNLIMITED storage and UNLIMITED webs can be hosted there. It is a SCREAMN' deal and they offer EXTRAORDINARY customer service.. and I mean EXTRAORDINARY...


Step 1: Register your .com, .net, .info, .biz or whatever with GoDaddy.com. Your domain name should cost no more than $10.00 per year. Do not get all the extra stuff. You do not need to make your website secret or anything. Just click through all the upgrades they tease you with. 

Smokin Hot Savings! $5.99 .COMs from GoDaddy.com - 120x90


Step 2: I STRONGLY suggest you use Wordpress. As such you should host your website through WP-Engine. It is SPECIFICALLY for Wordpress and Wordpress is the EASIEST to use website builder on the planet.

Step 2 Alternate: Host your website with HostGator as they have the best Linux hosting and are the best for WordPress and allow unlimited storage and number of websites. They are SUPER AWESOME and are at 713-574-5287 and work 24-7 and can help you get stuff working. You will want to buy the Linux Baby Account at NO MORE than $9.00/month, typically less than $7.00 when you use my link...

The more years you register for the better Google likes it. You can go for only 1 if you think you will not have the website for a long time. Click on the link below and do not order by phone... The best price is thru the coupon goodie below... Plus, I get some credit.

See the video below for a few details... It talks about me hosting the site.. Really YOU want to host it with HostGator so just watch the video to learn how the process works.. It shows you all the fancy stuff to bypass so you get by with the least cost. They try to "upsell" you on junk you do not need. NEVER buy the stuff to hide your identity. Google does not like it and you are not taking a risk tellong WHO owns the website.


Call me if questions... Dave Korpi 831-455-0418 Pacific Time