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Machine Shop

Take 5, Inc. works extremely hard to source parts for you from our qualified pool of Extraordinary Machine Shops in China and the USA if required.

My selection of shops also have Sheet Metal, Finishing, Heat Treat, Forging, Casting, Injection Molding, Grinding, Gears, Drill  Bits, Tooling, and more. I can be your one stop source to get parts from China and the USA.

My machine shops offer my customers the very best quality and the very fastest delivery as well as using DHL to ship your order direct to your door, unless the weight is more than 1,000 Pounds.

The cost of the parts you will get from Take 5, Inc. will frequently save you more than 20% what you can get in here in the USA AND the parts you get from Take 5 Inc. will be a higher level of quality and certainly inspection.

Most of my China suppliers ship parts to me on a Net 30 basis yet some require that I pay 50% up front and 50% upon delivery if we need to get the very lowest of pricing.

As such there may be times that I ask you to pay 50% up front and 50% upon delivery.

I can stand behind EVERY part I have made for you and will resolve any problems extremely fast simply because every China supplier stands behind every part and fully cooperates in getting ME EXACTLY what YOU need. 

I presently do not do any RFID tagging of parts but can do BarBar Codes if you can provide the clear specifications.


Call Dave Korpi at 831-455-0418 Pacific Time.

Or, email me at dave.korpi@gmail.com